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A Kiss for Kuro by Amyhip A Kiss for Kuro :iconamyhip:Amyhip 26 0 Drunk Rambling by Amyhip Drunk Rambling :iconamyhip:Amyhip 68 2 Zadr by Amyhip Zadr :iconamyhip:Amyhip 21 6 Under My Umbrella by Amyhip Under My Umbrella :iconamyhip:Amyhip 22 1 Billdip Witch AU by Amyhip Billdip Witch AU :iconamyhip:Amyhip 26 7 Dipper is Not Amused by Amyhip Dipper is Not Amused :iconamyhip:Amyhip 59 2 Bats and Friends by Amyhip Bats and Friends :iconamyhip:Amyhip 15 2 BatJokes by Amyhip BatJokes :iconamyhip:Amyhip 29 3 Crossover- Mabel and Star by Amyhip Crossover- Mabel and Star :iconamyhip:Amyhip 221 6 Crossover Styles- Dipper and Wirt by Amyhip Crossover Styles- Dipper and Wirt :iconamyhip:Amyhip 99 6 Marco in a Dress by Amyhip Marco in a Dress :iconamyhip:Amyhip 60 1
Luck~ Laito Sakamaki x Reader
            (Y/n P.O.V)
Your luck was very mixed. Some days you could find hundreds of four leaf clovers as you walked down the sidewalk, then the next minute it was like a black cat was following you.
Today was no exception. First off, you were on your way to go see your most favorite friend. As you were diving your car down a long empty road that had a thick, lush, forest surrounding it you heard popping noises. Apparently, the car got three flat tire out of nowhere. The upside was that you had your phone, but the downside was that you had no signal.
Observing your surroundings you notice a huge mansion hidden in the forest of trees that was close by you. That was the only building you could see in the area around where you were. So with that you grabbed your necessary things from the car and shoved them in your messenger bag. Slipping the bag on your shoulder, you get out of the car and locked it.  Then you start to walk towards the mansion.
The cl
:iconamyhip:Amyhip 53 14
Snow Day~ Ticci Toby (ONESHOT)
             (Y/N  P.O.V)
Light ,white, puffy snowflakes fell on the trees, ground and the mansion in the woods. Today it was snowing and conveniently it was your day off as well. You currently just got out of bed and was looking out the window into the whiteness of the day. Smiling to yourself you walked away from the window and exited your room.
Out into the hallway you walked  bare foot on the dark wood floor. The floor creaked as you made your way to a certain room. You retched forward to open the door when your eyes were greeted by the darkness of the room. The window in the room had black curtains to keep out the light.
Closing the door as you enter you try to seen in the dark. Your eyes looked at the bed in the room as they adjusted. A lump was laying in the covers of the bed. Grinning to yourself you walk over to the window and open the curtains. The bright light floods into the room. Then you ran and jumped on the lump, whose name w
:iconamyhip:Amyhip 45 15
Full Name~ Kanato Sakamaki x Reader (ONESHOT)
              (Y/N  P.OV)
The bell rang, dismissing everyone from their classes. You gave a huge sigh as you grabbed your back and exited the classroom.
Today was your first day in this school, which meant you were the new kid. Today wouldn’t have been so stressful if you hadn’t been 20 minutes late. After you walked down the staircase to the first floor you noticed a girl from your class. She had light blond hair and pink reddish eyes. She was walking by two guys from your class. One was taller and the other was shorter. The tall one had brownish red hair and bright green eyes. The shorter one had purple hair and eyes. Looking at the shorter one once more you relies he was the one you were sitting by in class.  You see you weren’t really paying attention in class today; you were lost in thought thinking about your old school.
The three of them stood there and waited in a circle. Then four more guys joined them. They
:iconamyhip:Amyhip 50 13
Cemetery~ Jeff x Reader (ONE-SHOT)
         (Y/N   P.O.V)
Raindrops dropped and splattered on your car as you drove to your destination. Four bundles of flowers were laid neatly in your back seat.  Currently you were on your way to the cemetery, more specifically  to your brother's grave.  
He died a few years back. Your brother was your best friend, even today you missed him dearly. You would  visit his grave every year between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Five years ago when visiting his grave you noticed three graves by your brother's that never got flowers or anything. Conveniently, they died on the same day as your brother, so you thought it was be the nice thing to do if you also bought flowers for them.
You usually got all three of them white flowers, but the flower shop only had two white flowers in stock. So on last resort you got one red flower and two white flowers for the extra three graves. That explains the extra three flowers on your back seat.
:iconamyhip:Amyhip 107 25
Pines vs Reverse Pines by Amyhip Pines vs Reverse Pines :iconamyhip:Amyhip 223 11
Hello there, welcome to my page! Please take a look around and thank you for any likes or watches.

:iconcouragethecowardly: Bill Cipher I Know LOTS OF THINGS! by nekomaster1000 :iconcouragethecowardly: Bill Cipher I Know LOTS OF THINGS! by nekomaster1000

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Hi, recently I deleted some of my old work because it was pretty cringy. Now I am trying to make art that is less cringy and with better aesthetics. I take requests or suggestions.
Thank you.

I like to ship a lot of things.....


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